Supported architectures for container images are:

  • amd64 (x86_64)
  • arm64 (aarch64)
  • POWER 8+ (ppc64le)
  • mips64-sf (mips64)
  • mips64el-sf (mips64el)
  • rv64gc:lp64d (riscv64)


The easiest way to get started with Abyss is to use our published docker images:

docker run -it abyssos/abyss


There is also a public LXD repository which you can add as a remote in LXD:

lxc remote add abyss --public

Then you can launch an image such as the latest image:

lxc launch abyss:abyss/latest/$(uname -m) abyss

Bare metal

There are currently no ISOs or other bootable media due to a few outstanding issues, it is however entirely possible to build a kernel (with some caveats) and boot on real hardware on UEFI systems.